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10 Tips on garden summer upkeep

1)When’s The Best Place To Plant Trees And Shrubs ?  There are a few trees that are best planted in the spring but most can be planted anytime of the year as long as their containerized.

2)Is Watering Plants During The Night Better Than During The Day?   No, watering after sunset can actually can encourage a fungal disease in the plants. The reason behind this is without the sunlight the plants take longer to dry out.

3)What Are Those Bugs Crawling All Over My Tomato Plants ?  The bugs most commonly found on tomato plants  are beetles,cutworms,grasshopers,root weevils,spidermites and colorado potato beetles.

4)What Kind Of Containers Are Suitable For Growing Plants-  The most important thing is that the seed gets moisture and warmth. With those two things a seed can grow in almost any container. Once the seed starts to grow transport it to a bigger container, this container though should be able to drain out the excess water so that it doesn’t drown.

5) What Do I Do With My Plants When Summer Is Over? Once the weather turns cold and your plants slowly reach the end of their blooming period there are some things to remember. Keep your garden tidy during the autumn and winter so that it doesnt disturb the soil of your gardens.

As well try to keep extra rain water does not sit around your gardens and spoil plants. Removing old plants will help new plants make sure they have all the room they can get ensuring best results . Composting can also be helpful during those winter months, collecting leave clippings and turning it throughout the winter can help you get some great nutrients into fresh soil that can be used in the spring.

6) Pruning Trees – Gardening experts say to leave pruning a tree to experts but if your really set on pruning a tree yourself its best to do it before may or after august. Pruning the trees in the summer could weaken them and prevent them from surviving the winter.

7) Lawn Care – Is there such a thing as too short ? Well yes, there is . About 2-3 inches is the perfect length, this will give the roots an easier time when retaining water and will cut down on the amount of times youll have to cut the grass. There are also some benefits to longer grass such as reducing noise pollution and cleaning the air you breathe.

8) Mulch- Composted bark mulch is great for adding nutrients and nitrogen back into the soil. Mulch will also help retain water as well as keep your flowers cool during the summer heat and warm during those cold winter months.

9) Keep Those Gardens Clean – Like everything else in life , leaving your gardens unclean can only cause problems. Leaving things unkempt can lead to bacteria , fungus and disease.

10) Budget-  No matter what your garden budget it is always important to remember not to spend all of your budget on spring flowers and trees. reserving some funds for later can always prove to be useful to replace plants that have died. Also if you reserve enough money for later on you can take advantage of discounted perennials at some nursery’s that can shut down as early as july.

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