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Adding Texture with Garden Sundials

The sundial, an ancient device thousands of years old, is a classic garden ornament. It was not until the 17th century that mathematicians were able to create a sundial that would accurately tell the time of day regardless of the season. Today, a well-made sundial is often more accurate than a public clock.

Not only are they beautiful but fascinating to guests and children. Children will be especially intrigued by sundials and want to know how they work. They are amazed by this magical technology that existed before the digital clock. You can give them a wonderful history lesson on timekeeping and technology.

Cast Aluminum Sundials

It’s important to buy a sundial made of quality materials. Your sundial will be outdoors for years in the rain, snow, sun, and wind. Exposed to the elements, a sundial needs to be durable like all your other garden decorations such as benches, tables, bird houses, water fountains, and statues, to retain their beauty.

Sundials made of cast aluminum are the best. They can be finished in bronze for an ageless, beautiful look. Heavy items should be made of fiberstone, which is an amalgam of fiberglass, stones, and sand and is stronger and more durable than concrete. Wooden items are best made of cedar or cypress, which resist decay. Details on objects should be in verdigris, copper, or hand-cast aluminum with a bronze finish.

You can also place a sundial in your patio; they aren’t just for the garden. You can be creative with your garden decorations! You can put a sundial on your front porch. Twin sundials can be placed to flank the driveway, front entrance, a walkway, or the path to the garden.

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