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Creating A Botanical Garden

Visit a public botanical garden.

On a basic level, this will give you a chance to enjoy the vibrant colors of a wide variety of flowers. Such gardens usually include a cornucopia of local and exotic plants, in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

But besides simply enjoying the flowers there, you can also get some fantastic ideas about which flowers to plant, and how to plant them.

You can do this through observation and by talking with the employees at the botanical garden. In the long run, this will help to drastically improve the quality of your own botanical garden.

Enhance your botanical garden using vines.

This is a fantastic method for using your garden’s vertical space more effectively. You can find vines that are attractive for both their flowers and foliage.

Where should you grow the gardens? Some ideal structures include garden arches and garden arbors.

Besides using the vines’ attractiveness to enhance your garden, you can also use them to conceal certain sections of your landscape, such as storage sheds.
When selecting vines for your garden, you can choose between annuals or perennials, and between evergreen or deciduous.

  • Each option has its pros and cons, so it’s basically a matter of which type of vine will have the best effect on your botanical garden. There’s no right or wrong answer!

Add shrubs to your garden.

Technically speaking, we usually classify shrubs as horticultural, rather than botanical. Nonetheless, they can provide some variety and pizzazz to your garden.

The two main types of shrubs are deciduous and evergreen. You can use shrubs for functions such as windbreaks or hedges.

Due to their large size, you can use them in a variety of functions. They can be the centerpiece of your rock garden, on a indoor apartment garden, or it be used to display smaller flowers.

4. Have the right tools for the right job.

This is true for any type of garden, including botanical gardens and even garden greenhouses.

Here are some of the most helpful types of products for botanical gardens:

• circle hoe
• compost bin
• deer repellant (organic)
• fertilizer (organic)
• garden kneeler (save your knees!)
• gloves
• kelp meal (organic)
• perennial planting tool

Add class with ornamental grasses.

You can find a wide variety of these grasses, which can help to add personality to your botanical garden.

They’re available in a rainbow of colors, including reds and blues! The main types of ornamental grasses are cool season grasses and warm season grasses.

    • Warm-season grasses can grow well in dry and hot conditions.
    • Meanwhile, cool season grasses adapt better to continuous temperature changes in the spring.

If you’re planning to create a garden, why not create a botanical garden?

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