Long lasting hanging baskets

As I look around my neighborhood I now see hanging baskets with few or no flowers, brown leaves, just a few sticks in some cases. A month ago these same baskets looked great. So what has gone wrong?

In the early summer lots of people go to the garden centre. They fork out lots of money to buy beautiful, imaginatively planted baskets.

They take them home and hang them up. Their property is transformed so every morning and every night they water the baskets. Feed them too. And they look great. Then along comes the summer holiday. It’s difficult to find someone to water them.


Even if you do they maybe don’t have the care and attention you would yourself. After two weeks the baskets are in decline. The ones on the local pub look better. The pride is gone. Now it’s a chore to water them. But…

…it need not be this way. It is possible to feed and water your baskets automatically. It is not expensive, it is not difficult. It is the┬ásolar garden irrigation system. This will water your baskets every 3 hours in the daytime.

It uses water from your water butt or even a cistern if you have no garden. No taps, hosepipes or electric wires are needed. No water up your sleeve.

The tubes are only 6mm – not much bigger than a phone line, so they are easy to conceal. You can hang the pumps out of reach so no one can steal them.

Add some Miracle Gro to the water. Then you know the secret of really good baskets that last and last. People will start to ask how you do it. Just smile sweetly.

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