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Some Tips On Growing Lilies this Year

Hello fellow greenthumbs, this week’s gardening tip is for a very popular flower that can be a little tricky growing so that is why we present the following tips. If any of you reading these tips have any requests on what you may need some tips on feel free to leave us a message here.

Lilies are grown from bulbs made up of fleshy overlapping scales. These flowers are known for growing into large clusters of flowering stems.

Location – Both variety’s of lilies are grown best in full sun , shade tends to make them grow very floppy. They also need to be grown in a bed that drains well and isnt overly windy.

Soil– The best kind of soil for lilies to be grown in is the kind with lots of organic material to prevent drought. They are best grown in groups of 3 – 6 of the same variety and each bulb should be placed from 6-8 inches apart. Make sure to plant the bulbs facing up , divide and replant about every three years.

Fertilizer – Fertilize the flower in the spring with 5-10-10 as lilies like very rich fertilizer. A slow release formula is also recomended with lilies .

Water – Lilies are fairly draught resistant , watering once a week during extended dry periods is recomended. Also mulching helps retain moisture and control weeds.

Pests – Lilies are usually pest free but sometimes slugs can be a problem with new shoots. Just make sure to spray with forceful water and check for bugs often.

Over Winter –  Its best to mulch newly planted bulbs before winter with anywhere from 4-6 inches of loose compost. When wary of how to protect a plant over winter its best to mulch and leave it there until the first frost of spring passes.

Well that’s it for this week , again if anyone has any questions please dont hesitate to ask us questions on our facebook and our website.  Until next week .

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