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Using Your Garden for Meditation

Meditation is healthy for physical and mental well-being. Doctors as well as therapists and religious leaders often recommend meditation to decrease anxiety, clear the mind, and lower the blood pressure. Meditation is receptive; prayer is active.

Religious people may combine the two, but basically, meditation is a form of relaxation that reduces stress. It consists of just sitting and enjoying the moment, perhaps watching your thoughts and feelings come and go but not engaging with them. They are not you; you are not them. If you don’t engage with they, they pass by and evaporate.

If you have a garden, you already have a perfect place for meditation. You can choose a special spot within your garden to set aside for meditation. By meditating in the same spot day after day, you come to associate that spot with meditation. Your ability to meditate will become more and more effortless.

For days of bad weather, you should also have an indoor spot for meditation. You can sit in your garden during good weather and inside your home when it rains or is cold and windy outside.

Choose some special item for your garden meditation spot. This will make it easier to relax and meditate. Depending on your tastes, you might want an angel fountain by your bench, as the sound of flowing water has a calming effect and will normalize your blood pressure at the same time that it eases your mind.

Also, place something at eye level, such as a garden plaque, that inspires you. It might depict a cherub or flora. Ritual is powerful. You could begin your meditation by gazing at the plaque to help you clear your mind. A visual image is often used as a meditation tool, or touchstone, to help clear the mind.

If you meditate at least several times a week in your garden, you will soon reap the benefits. Your time in the garden will become one of your happiest times of the day. The bubbling water, fresh air, and fragrant scents will assist you in creating a state of contentment. One of the best uses of your garden is to center yourself and feel your connection to all of life.

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